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Sustainability of Global Food Production Through Bio-Security Solutions

Lir Agri are industry leaders in developing scientifically engineered cleaning and hygiene solutions for the farming and food processing industries. Lir Agri’s primary focus is to facilitate and enable technical contributions for the advancement and sustainability of global food production through bio-security solutions.

We specialise in research and development of chemically designed solutions that are of real interest to dairy farmers and dairy processors in helping eradicate harmful bacterial currently affecting livestock and dairy produce.


Our best practice processes and scientifically proven products help prevent the spread of bacteria and advance farm bio-security measures in food-chain production.

Key targeted bio-security solutions eliminate and replace the need for preventative antibiotic usage at animal and food producer level.
Targeted solutions also reduce exposure of animals to harmful bacteria and reduce infection potential on the farm to ensure sustainable solutions in countering antimicrobial resistance in the food chain.

Our Top Selling Products



A pre and post teat disinfectant that is proven to kill and stop the spread of Thermoduric bacteria (bacillus cereus) along with ecoli, salmonella and MRSA contamination during milking.

It reduces the risk and eliminates the spread of bovine mastitis in dairy producing animals globally, which results in healthier, efficient, and more profitable animals.

Does it help the environment?

Yes, by eradicating the harmful bacteria that cause infections in animals, using Bacto Lac allows dairy producers to dramatically reduce antibiotic usage on farms making the industry a more sustainable food-chain.


A non-chlorinated liquid detergent used in the dairy industry to eliminate the large risk of Trichloromethane’s (TCM) accumulating in bulk milk supply. Trichloromethane is classed as a Group 2B carcinogen.

Does it help the environment?

Yes, any alternative solution’s that eliminates the use of Chlorine on food production surfaces greatly helps the environment and the human population, see above.


A liquid biofilm remover currently used in the pig and poultry industries that breaks down biofilms at producer level inhibiting disease-causing bacteria growth by destroying their ecosystem. Most disinfectants in the marketplace are ineffective against biofilms.

Does it help the environment?

Using Activ Foam greatly reduces the amount of water needed to wash farms* also by breaking down the biofilm it exposes the harmful bacteria that cause infections in animals to the disinfectants which in turn allows producers to dramatically reduce antibiotic usage on farms making the industry a more sustainable food-chain.

Using Activ Foam saves on daily water usage, with *a typical pig farm saving over 1million litres per year.